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(A) the preparatory process
1 intend to join the the SUNLIGHT headquarters Market Commissioner details SUNLIGHT the doors of franchise stores and the conditions for joining.
2, the two sides to determine the conditions are right, signed Franchise cooperation agreement.
Store floor plan provided by the franchisee to SUNLIGHT Headquarters the SUNLIGHT headquarters, if necessary, will arrange for a Marketing Specialist to survey.
SUNLIGHT headquarters to join the party store image display and decoration of the package containing the samples placed, jewelry, power of attorney, product quality inspection certificates, quality certification, qualification certificate of honor, the product Atlas data
Business training (file or face-to-face).
6, the soft opening or opened.

(2) business training
The SUNLIGHT business training divided into opening of the pre-service training and follow-up training after joining the main training as follows:
A, SUNLIGHT course of development and the status of the industry.
SUNLIGHT product ordering process.
3, field measurement methods, and installation methods, processes.
4, product knowledge training
1), the classification of the door.
2), the main material and the series of exclusive and unique selling points, bright spot.
3), the difference of the of SUNLIGHT series products and industry competitive products, quality assurance, after-sales service.
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