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1, SUNLIGHT provide the nine core support:
1), brand support; 2), resource support; 3), the sample support; 4), training support; 5), business support; 6), business management support; 7), operational marketing support; 8), product development support ; 9), after-sales service support.

2, the responsibilities and interests of dealers: to earn the difference of distribution of profits from the sale of the regional market, responsible for the financing and operation of its own operating funds, is responsible for SUNLIGHT in the promotion and maintenance of the distribution of the regional market, is responsible for the distribution of regional urban self-employed and joined the store expansion and management, is responsible for completion of the contract sales target distribution of the regional market.

3, located in the upscale brand regional market stores or outlets, terminal operating mode;

4, and franchisee of a sustainable development and cooperation in strategic partnership, achieve win-win situation through the allocation of a reasonable profit to protect the circulation.

5,Exclusive image of the store, in principle, a market opened more than 100 square meters, the secondary market opened specialty image stores in more than 70 square meters, three market opened specialty image stores in more than 50 square meters;

6, the headquarters for the distribution of regional cities the exclusive protection policy to determine the cooperation between the two sides to join the contract, the signing of this contract for one year after the expiration of the contract, both sides will continue cooperation required one month in advance to sign.
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