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Hangzhou SUNLIGHT Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1997, the Zhejiang production of indoor decorative materials. "SUNLIGHT" Party Town 20 companies in 2004 was named the "commitment to quality demonstration unit", "Xiaoshan brand names" and "national mirror industry industry quality assured? National standard of qualified products in 2005 was named "good business reputation of Zhejiang Province tracking unit," 2006 "SUNLIGHT" brand decorative bathroom mirror has been identified as Hangzhou Famous Brand ", 2007 SUNLIGHT" trademark was identified as the famous trademark "of Xiaoshan District, 2008 Mulberry Wright "trademark was identified as" China Famous Brand "17 design professionals to apply for all authorized enterprise Xiaoshan District government as a" superior growth companies, Enterprise Technology Center in 2009 was identified as "Hangzhou-class enterprise Technology Center, for the 33 design patents, and a mirror of Professional Committee and the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association sanitary Professional Committee of the governing unit. SUNLIGHT leading products for interior doors, bathroom cabinet, shower, bath, decorative bathroom mirror, glass basin, metal pendant, interior decoration products sold throughout the country and exported to 36 countries and regions abroad. The SUNLIGHT developed interior door products, adhering to the advanced design concepts, according to Tuosanglaite superb manufacturing processes and wood industry leading management model, carefully crafted classic. The company has a number of innovative ideas and forge ahead in the professional and technical elite, excellent equipment, wood moisture content is controlled below 7%, a scientific and rational technological bodies, the product does not crack, deformation, fresh and natural surface texture, style typical KURA. Attention to brand building, on the basis of "SUNLIGHT" trademark registered in the country, in 2008 in Denmark, the Madrid Agreement countries registered trademark quality management system, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management system certification and effective operation. Has been focusing on independent innovation, continue to increase R & D efforts and innovation into economic benefits, new products were well received by customers of all ages at home and abroad each year to participate in fairs, product sales year after year to maintain a relatively large increase. The SUNLIGHT people have been committed to the pursuit of excellent quality, we know that changes in the market by leaps and bounds, the only constant innovation, improve product quality and service quality, in order to continue to meet customer needs. In the design and production processes, the SUNLIGHT always adhering to the business philosophy down to earth. We know that professional just a perfect start, good quality, reasonable prices, unique taste, good service and timely delivery, is the hope of tomorrow and SUNLIGHT basis, we will work harder will SUNLIGHT brand spirit into every product, so that every customer to feel the charm of the SUNLIGHT brand! SUNLIGHT perfect quality, the pursuit of excellence, working with you to create a better tomorrow!
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